About Us

About Us

Alanya Cleaning Service Group

As Alanya cleaning family, we aim to meet all kinds of service needs of our customers by combining activities from many different areas and service groups under one roof.

When choosing between companies that provide cleaning services, we should emphasize that it would not be the right approach to simply get caught up in the price cut.
Because if a cleaning company can do quality work and provide services based on the principle of equality, we can talk about it being a good company. Therefore, when choosing, you should bear in mind that the price should not be your only part.
When you enter a living or working space, it primarily affects you by the cleanliness, smell, order of the environment. It increases the importance, motivation and customer satisfaction you give to your employees and customers by providing hygiene and cleanliness in the working and living areas.
With more than 20 years of experience, Express Cleaning provides sustainable, quality service with its innovative, environmentally friendly solutions prepared with the latest technology in the cleaning industry and its staff developed with continuous trainings.
Express Cleaning has always been a pioneer in the cleaning industry, always innovative and first company
Express Cleaning, which has a structure that never repeats itself and constantly improves, has become the sought-after and preferred company of the sector thanks to its customer-oriented approach. Alanya Express is more of a goal, faith and lifestyle than a concept in Cleaning.

Get Professional Cleaning Service at Affordable Prices.