Bad smells in the fridge

Bad smells in the fridge

Undesirable odors
Removing fish odor from plates, forks and knives: It is not easy to remove fish odor from plates, forks and knives. To remove the fishy smell, put a lot of coffee grounds in the wash water. The grounds will absorb the fishy smell. Then rinse with plenty of water.
    Bad odors in the refrigerator: Food in the refrigerator can develop unpleasant odors over time. To prevent this, if you put cotton dipped in vanilla in your refrigerator, you will both prevent bad odor and eliminate odors that may harm your food.
    Trash odors: To remove unpleasant odors in the litter box, zest half a lemon or orange and throw it in the box.
    Fish smell on your hands: If you want to easily remove the fishy smell on your hands after picking fish, rub the tomato skins and the stem of the tomato on your hands. Or you can use one of the smashed, rotten tomatoes for this.
    Smell of Garlic on your hands: To remove the smell of garlic on your hands, take some salt in your palm and rub it thoroughly after moistening it slightly. Wash thoroughly with soap you will see that out of the garlic smell.
    Onion smell on your hands: If you dip your fingers in vinegar before you start peeling onions, you will see that the onion smell does not get on your hands.


Practical Information for Cleaning
Wooden Cabinets: To clean the dirty shelves of wooden cabinets in your kitchen, add one measure of ammonia to one measure of water and thoroughly wipe your wooden shelves with this mixture. Then dry it with a soft cloth. You can also apply varnish if you wish.
Gold Cleaning: 15gr per liter of water. soap grater and 100 gr. add ammonia. Leave the gold items you want to clean in this mixture for half an hour. Next, rinse with cold water and clean with a piece of leather.
Cleaning Bulbs: Alcohol is the best cleaner. However, if the surface of the bulb is rough, wipe it with a cut piece of onion and clean it with a damp cloth. After cleaning the bulb, spray a few drops of perfume on it without turning on the light. Your room will smell so good.

Shoe Cleaning
Water stain: Apply Vaseline before painting.
Mold stain: Clean with a cloth covered with glycerin.
Cleaning sneakers: Scrub the shoe with an old toothbrush dipped in gasoline.
Stains on light-colored shoes: Wipe with a cloth dipped in gasoline.
Stains on dark shoes: Clean with a cloth dipped in alcohol.
Varnished shoes: Wipe with a cloth with milk and lemon juice.
Fluffing the hairs of your suede shoes: Hold your shoes to water vapor, brush with a wire brush when the shoes are thoroughly dry.
To prevent cracks in patent leather shoes: Apply olive oil or petroleum jelly. Since heat causes patent leather shoes to crack, they should be stored in a cool place.
Painting bro



Stains and unwanted smells are quite difficult to deal with, sometimes even turning our lives into nightmares.